How to Clean and Disinfect

How to Clean and Disinfect - Regency Cleaning - Commercial Cleaning Calgary

When you’re cleaning your house, should you clean, disinfect, or sanitize? Contrary to popular belief, these three terms aren’t synonyms! For your best house maintenance, read on to find out the differences and when you should use each technique. Cleaning We use the word “cleaning” as a catch-all term: we “clean house”, tell kids to
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How to Keep Your Office Tidy

How to Keep Your Office Tidy - Regency Cleaning - Cleaning Company Calgary

If you’ve found yourself searching through piles of papers unable to find a crucial receipt, hastily shoving clutter into a cupboard or drawer right before an important client meeting, or just simply feeling stressed about a messy office, you need these tips to help you get organized! While a professional cleaning company is the best
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