Emergency Services

Emergency Services

Maintaining your workplace on a regular basis is one of the many things at the back of your mind as a proprietor of an enterprise. Keeping up with, client, staff and building needs can be a huge load for any employer to carry. 

So in the event of a worst-case scenario and circumstances beyond your control that can leave your workplace either unsafe or unsanitary, you want the right kind of team on the job to make sure it will be taken care of in an effective, rapid and safe manner.

That’s why all of our staff are trained in emergency cleaning response strategies, and you can always contact us within our emergency hours and we’ll send the best people for the job to make sure your business gets the care it needs on the spot, so you can get back to focusing on operations and staff and client safety. 

Our emergency services use only the most effective green cleaning solutions, so don’t be concerned by our rapid response strategies. We implement the same green solutions as we would for any other task, so you can relax knowing our rapid responses are still workplace safe. 

What we do to work for you in the event of an emergency is take an itinerary of the cleaning task needs. Depending on the degree of the task, we will deploy the right kind of team to remedy it in a rapid manner that does not further disrupt your workplace. 

If you are faced with a situation that requires a rapid response, look no further than Regency, we’ll make sure your staff and clients are kept safe in a sanitized environment. 

Do you have an emergency spill that needs cleaning? Contact Regency today! We’re just one call away from emergency response strategies. Call (403) 520-7789 today. 

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