Window cleaning

No matter the time of year, your windows can endure a lot of punishment from the elements. However, there is no time like the colder months when window cleaning should become a top priority for your office, workshop or physical business location. 

We specialize in workplace cleaning solutions, and while you may think that come winter your floors would be a top priority, you’d be surprised how much upkeep windows need while getting bombarded by snow and wind from the outside, all while taking a beating from a cranked furnace inside. 

That’s why we offer only the most effective window cleaning service for businesses and other interiors. 

Using the most robust and green cleaning solutions, our team will assess the level of grime and damage your windows have sustained and do a complete deep cleaning in order to overhaul both interior and exterior window surfaces. 

This includes a thorough once-over of both surfaces and frames, as to make sure a complete job is done. 

With this in mind, the mixtures we use for our window cleaning solutions are built from the ground up to be green and workplace friendly. That means you won’t have to concern yourself with any lingering chemical-like odours or put any of your staff at risk who are sensitive to airborne irritants. 

Additionally, if you have any concerns surrounding any workplace disruption during cleaning hours, don’t worry. Our team has been expertly trained to make sure that any cleaning does not disrupt any workplace duties. You can start your day focused on your tasks at hand and end it looking outside towards a much clearer, cleaner and healthier place of business. 

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