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Regency Cleaning is known for our all-natural and toxin-free commercial cleaning services. We are one of the most top-rated and highly recommended cleaning companies in the Calgary area. Despite being great at what we do, we’ve decided to extend our expertise and serve more types of establishments.

Day Porter Services

As the name implies, our professionals offer onsite cleaning solutions during business hours. Since the facilities are occupied, the scope of our tasks is limited to those that don’t create much disturbance, such as loud noises and strong odours. Our porters are also responsible for ensuring your business establishments are tidy and presentable to visitors, staff, customers, and tenants.

Our Calgary team typically performs general maintenance tasks and basic cleaning services, such as front lobby polishes, restroom restocks, light bulb replacements, litter cleanups, and trash disposals. These services promote building safety, improve the appearance of the environment, keep occupants happy, and help boost your company’s image.

Cleaning Industrial Facilities in Calgary

These establishments are typically filled with large stockpiles, heavy equipment, potentially dangerous types of machinery, and many moving objects. Sometimes, these also house toxic chemicals that can be hazardous to health and the environment. This is why it’s crucial that you hire professionals that are highly experienced in cleaning industrial spaces, properly disposing of waste, and carefully organizing everything in these facilities.

Calgary Hotels, Restaurants, Commercial Kitchens, and Bars

These establishments cater to a wide range of clients and guests who want to relax and have fun. One way to make their experience more delightful and memorable is by ensuring that the space is clean, fresh, polished, organized, and odour-free. The good news is that Regency Cleaning has all the tools and expertise to do all of this for you. We will make your establishment more welcoming, immaculate, pristine, and unforgettable.

Schools and Daycare Centers


Educational facilities tend to easily get dirty and disorganized because of the many school supplies and students they house. As for daycare centers, cleanliness is important since babies and toddlers are more prone to spreading illness to one another. However, gone are the days of worrying because Regency Cleaning is here to keep your business establishment in tip-top shape and help promote the health and wellness of the individuals using them.

Cleaning Condominiums

These facilities are home to many individuals and families who prioritize convenience and modern living. As your dependable cleaning partner in Calgary, our team can provide expert solutions that can make your home look and smell immaculate. We can also clean common areas in the condo building, such as the lobby and poolside.

Calgary-Based Retail Stores

Regency Cleaning can help tidy up your retail stores to make them more presentable for customers. When done right, it will be easier for them to locate and identify what they want to purchase from you and be more eager to return in the future. In other words, we help bring in more foot traffic and sales opportunities by providing top-notch cleaning solutions.

Disinfecting Hospitals and Medical Centers

Viruses and bacteria are commonly found in these establishments. Unfortunately, they also house Individuals who are sick and have weak immune systems. Because of that, expert cleaning is highly important in these environments to prevent the spreading of diseases, protect healthcare workers, and promote healing.

Your Trusted Cleaning Experts in Calgary

Regency Cleaning is a full-service company that also offers specialty solutions to businesses from various industries. We take pride in having a team of hardworking and meticulous cleaning professionals who go above and beyond in every space that we work in. From sanitizing all the toys in daycare centers to removing smelly grime in commercial kitchens, you can count on us to do an excellent job that exceeds your expectations.

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