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Operating a restaurant is more than just creating an unforgettable ambiance and providing the best customer experience. It is also crucial that the commercial kitchen is clean, functional, safe, and fully compliant with all local and industry regulations. Keeping commercial kitchens in tip-top shape protects both your staff and customers from a variety of potential accidents and illnesses.


The good news is that Regency Cleaning is here to help keep your food business on the right track. We offer exceptional commercial kitchen cleaning services to restaurants, cafes, and other similar establishments in the Calgary area. It includes removing stains, sanitizing surfaces, deep cleaning dirty ovens, mopping floors, and more. What makes us superior to other local cleaning companies is that we pay close attention to detail and use eco-friendly products.

Food Safety and Beyond

Food safety is a top concern of many restaurant owners and managers. Raw and spoiled food can carry potentially dangerous bacteria and microbes, such as listeria and salmonella, that can cause people to get severely ill.

However, the dangers of nasty and stinky kitchens go beyond that since fires, accidents, and pests are equally troublesome. These areas typically have layers of grease and dust on the floors, walls, and equipment. When exposed to high temperatures, a combination of these things can cause fires that can spread quickly. Having dirty floors is a common cause of slips and falls inside the area, which can break kitchenware, waste food, and hurt your employees. Another risk of not cleaning your commercial kitchens is that it can become a haven for bugs and rodents. These are hazardous to food prep, cooking, storing, and serving.

Whether you need a one-time commercial deep clean or regular maintenance services, Regency Cleaning has all the tools and experience to help your restaurant business.

Why is it Necessary to Hire Professional Cleaners in Calgary?

Running a restaurant is not a walk in the park. The kitchen staff is typically busy taking, preparing, and serving orders. Because of how hectic it gets day in and day out, it’s quite common for the commercial kitchen area to have many food scraps, splatters, and stinky odors. This can cause dissatisfaction, not just for your chefs and workers but especially for your customers. On top of that, some jobs can be more efficiently completed by professional commercial cleaners rather than your regular kitchen staff.

Ordering commercial kitchen cleaning services offers numerous advantages for businesses operating in the food service industry:

With our industry expertise, you can feel confident that every nook and cranny of your kitchen workspace is disinfected and wiped clean, making the entire area look immaculate and odor-free.

Professional Kitchen Cleaning Tasks

Professional kitchen cleaning duties are usually shared between the restaurant staff and the commercial kitchen cleaning company. While everyday tasks such as washing dishes, sweeping, and sanitizing surfaces can be handled by kitchen staff, more intensive cleaning is left to professionals.

Commercial kitchen cleaning services offer a wide range of services including:

Commercial Kitchen Cleaning Services

Hiring a professional cleaning service for periodic deep cleaning, whether quarterly or bi-annually, provides a comprehensive service. Specialized services can also be ordered for fire, insurance, and health inspections.

Determining Your Commercial Kitchen Cleaning Requirements

Before commencing your search for a commercial kitchen cleaning service, it’s essential to evaluate your specific cleaning needs. This assessment will enable you to gauge the scale and complexity of your kitchen, determine the cleaning frequency necessary, and identify any unique cleaning demands.

Assessing the Size and Layout of Your Kitchen

The dimensions and layout of your kitchen directly influence the extent of cleaning required. If your establishment boasts a large-scale setup with multiple cooking stations, storage facilities, and walk-in refrigerators, you’ll require a cleaning service equipped to manage such extensive demands.

Consider the distinct zones within your kitchen, including cooking stations, food preparation areas, storage zones, and dishwashing sections. Each area presents unique cleaning requirements, necessitating a cleaning company with expertise across these domains.

For example, cooking stations may demand rigorous degreasing and sanitization to mitigate bacterial growth and uphold food safety standards. Food preparation areas might call for specialized cleaning agents to combat stubborn stains and mitigate cross-contamination risks. Proper maintenance of storage spaces is imperative to prevent pest infestations and preserve ingredient freshness.

Moreover, meticulous upkeep of dishwashing areas is vital to ensure utensil cleanliness and prevent germ transmission. This entails regular descaling of dishwashers and thorough cleaning of sinks, drains, and dish racks.

Determining Cleaning Frequency

The frequency of cleaning hinges on your operational volume and pertinent industry regulations. Some kitchens necessitate daily cleaning, while others may suffice with weekly or monthly deep cleans. Evaluate your kitchen flow and consult local health mandates to ascertain the ideal cleaning frequency.

Regular commercial kitchen cleaning in Calgary not only fosters a hygienic environment but also prolongs the lifespan of kitchen equipment. Accumulated grease and grime can impede machinery functionality, compromising operational efficiency.

For instance, high-volume kitchens catering to numerous patrons may mandate daily cleaning to uphold cleanliness standards and avert health hazards. Conversely, smaller kitchens with lower traffic might suffice with bi-weekly or monthly cleaning routines to accommodate lesser demands.

By comprehending your kitchen’s specific requirements, you can devise a cleaning timetable that aligns with operational needs while upholding top-tier cleanliness and safety standards.

Addressing Specialized Cleaning Needs

Factor in any specialized cleaning prerequisites your commercial kitchen may entail. This encompasses the necessity for specialized equipment or cleaning agents, along with specific protocols for cleaning high-risk areas such as ventilation systems or grease traps.

Certain kitchens may mandate periodic deep cleaning of ovens or other apparatus. Engage in discussions with prospective cleaning companies to ensure their capability to meet these specialized needs effectively.

For instance, if your kitchen heavily relies on deep-frying, you’ll require a commercial cleaning service in Calgary adept at degreasing and maintaining fryers. Proficiency in disassembling and cleaning procedures, including grease removal and filter replacement, is imperative.

Additionally, ventilation systems play a pivotal role in preserving air quality and averting odor and contaminant buildup. It’s crucial to engage a cleaning service proficient in thorough ventilation system cleaning and sanitization to eliminate grease, dust, and potential fire hazards effectively.

By addressing these specialized cleaning requirements, you can ensure your commercial kitchen remains compliant with health and safety regulations while fostering a pristine and hygienic environment for staff and patrons alike.

Best-Rated Commercial Kitchen Cleaning Company in Calgary

Regency Cleaning is committed to providing top-of-the-line solutions for your commercial kitchens. By using green cleaning detergents and foolproof techniques, your food establishment will be more equipped to create sumptuous dishes and impressive drinks.

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