Retail Janitorial Service

A retail space should be welcoming. 

Your business sees a high volume of clients, some regulars and other potential new clients that can guarantee repeat business. While you have a product that people want and a level of service that keeps them coming back, there is something else that should be applied to guarantee repeat business — and that’s cleanliness. 

This is why when you are looking into a cleaning service, you need to make sure that they know the fundamentals of ensuring a retail space stays healthy and welcoming. 

Our cleaning service understands the fine details of maintaining a retail space. 

Concerned about high traffic doing a number on your floors and walls? Don’t worry, our services are purpose-built to buff and clean floors and also provide detailed cleaning around the fine corners of your space. So even if you are concerned that the more hard-to-reach areas in your business will be ignored, you can relax knowing our team will manage areas that can go unnoticed. 

On top of just detailed and thorough cleaning, we offer green solutions in keeping your retail space not just visibly polished, but also, sanitized and safe for your staff and high volume of customers. 

A high intake of customers means a high intake of what they bring in with them. 

In a world that has been changed by the nature of germs and bacteria, you want a cleaning service that understands the importance of making sure your business stays sanitized. That’s why we use only the most up-to-date and green sanitary products when looking after your retail space. 

Additionally, if your retail space has extensive ventilation or air conditioning units, we remove dust and particulates while also fully replacing and cleaning filters; this way both you and your clients can breathe easily. 

Running a retail operation and needing a green cleaner who puts staff and lenient health above all else? Contact Regency Cleaning today!

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