Retail Janitorial Service

Retail Janitorial Service

One of the most challenging facilities to clean is a commercial retail facility.
Typically, these facilities are open seven days a week with extended hours and high-traffic.

Common area is utilized by the public with children.
Retail tenants are demanding in their expectations of a sharp well-maintained facility.

Property management also has a unique challenge with food and drink consumed in the facility causing excessive soiling.

Slip and fall hazards are very real threat and must be mitigated with cleaning systems and reporting programs.

Regency has much experience in retail cleaning providing programs and solutions for these challenges.
Our staff are specifically trained in the use of mechanized equipment such as auto scrubbers, scissor lifts and high-volume vacuums.
Additionally, day patrol staff manage specific systems to clean and record the occurrence of slip, trip and fall hazards to protect property management and Regency alike from litigation.

Quality control systems for retail are customized to fit high-traffic floors, food courts, multiple large entryways and public washrooms.
Our extensive pool of labor and staff your needs and shopping centers, seven days a week, 24 hours a day.

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