What’s Hiding In Your Carpet?

What’s Hiding In Your Carpet? - Regency Cleaning - Professional Cleaners Calgary

Carpets are everywhere, yet most of us take them for granted. Something that gets walked on by so many feet, has food dropped on it and ground in, and collects all the dust, dandruff, and dead skin that comes from our daily activities. All this dirt and dust provides an amazing buffet for a menagerie
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Top Five Cleaning Items for your Office

Top Five Cleaning Items for your Office - Regency Cleaning - Office Cleaning Calgary

With the turn of the new year, thoughts turn to resolutions and getting off to a “clean start”. Your office should be no exception. With feet tromping over carpets, plenty of people around shedding dead skin cells creating dust, handprints streaking the insides of windows and pollution obscuring the outsides, you should make sure you
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