Dusts and Ducts

Dusts and Ducts - Regency Cleaning - Commercial Cleaning Calgary

Dust can come from our footwear, clothing, dry gutters on streets, dried mud from heavy rainfall and more. It can get everywhere. When we walk inside it gets caught circulating around heating or air cooling systems, on high shelves, or on low skirting boards. It Comes From Cars. When they drive past us, cars kick
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Stay Safe from Pests

Stay Safe from Pests - Regency Cleaning - Commercial Cleaning Calgary

This summer, don’t get careless with your cleaning. Reduce pests with these tips! How to Stay Safe From Pests: We all know Alberta is famously rat-free, which means we have less to worry about in our workplace. That being said, there are other pests which could become burdensome in a Calgary climate. Ants, fruit flies,
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