Dusts and Ducts

Dust can come from our footwear, clothing, dry gutters on streets, dried mud from heavy rainfall and more. It can get everywhere. When we walk inside it gets caught circulating around heating or air cooling systems, on high shelves, or on low skirting boards.

It Comes From Cars.

When they drive past us, cars kick up dirt from the street and diesel fuel leaves residue in ppm (parts per million) of our AQI (Air Quality Index). Airborne particles can be measured and this information is usually available on a national weather service. It is useful to sufferers of asthma or other respiratory health conditions to monitor.

It Comes From Inside.

It’s quite obvious to us in this decade that smoking negatively impacts our indoor air quality, which is why it’s illegal in nearly every public space to smoke. However, could you be harming your own respiratory health and not even know it? There are many air factors in a business that are usually harmless on their own in a business, but be mindful; if your respiratory health is no longer manageable, it could be as a result of one of these factors.

It Even Comes From Us:

Your skin and your hair are a huge contributor to the dust and grime that you find around your living space. It’s common to all of us. That’s why the British library asks their rare book collection readers to wear special gloves, or prized artefacts in museums are covered in air-tight glass.

Care about the air quality of your space, and you could be investing in a lot more than less dust. You wouldn’t leave your filter in your clothes dryer full of lint, so don’t let the same happen to your ducts. Don’t wait for a change of season to take place. Call us before autumn for your quote on these or other cleaning services: 403-520-7788.