Green Cleaning for Medical Offices

Green Cleaning for Medical Offices

While thorough and proper cleaning is essential for all businesses, cleaning in healthcare settings tops the cake. Healthcare facilities, whether they be a private medical clinic or the hospital, depend on intensive, detailed, and frequent cleaning to protect both patients and providers. The nature of a healthcare setting makes cleaning important and challenging; the perfect job for Regency Cleaning!

Green Cleaning

Regency Cleaning makes use of green cleaning protocols and reagents. Our products are specially picked to ensure they are non-toxic, non-harmful, and leave as small of an environmental footprint as possible without sacrificing efficacy or potency. Healthcare clinics need to follow strict disinfection and sanitation guidelines. Regency Cleaning knows this well, and we are not here to replace the existing protocol. Rather, we seek to complement existing procedures to keep your clinic as clean as can be. Moreover, cleaning a clinic is about more than just the use of alcohol wipes and sanitizer. Floors, walls, and ceilings must be cleaned, just like any other conventional office, to help keep your clinic safe and also create a more welcoming space for your patients.

Occupants in Mind

A medical clinic will see a multitude of different people passing in and out constantly throughout the day. From when the nurses and physicians enter in the morning to when the last patient leaves, cleaning must occur efficiently and regularly. Furthermore, some patients will no doubt come to your clinic with acute or chronic health issues that may get exacerbated by harsh-smelling cleaning compounds or products. Regency Cleaning’s commitment to green cleaning means that our reagents won’t leave any trace of their presence. You can rest assured that your clinic will be cleaned and ready for the entire spectrum of patients, from pediatrics to geriatrics.

Low Overhead

Private practice medical clinics that run solely on a fee-for-service basis face additional challenges. Because you are only compensated for each patient you see or procedure you perform, we understand that it is important that you are able to maximize your productivity each day without compromising patient outcomes. Regency Cleaning will work with you to create a cleaning schedule that allows you the least disruption possible. Our efficient equipment and powerful green cleaning tools help us cut down on costs. Running a clinic can almost seem like a second job on top of seeing patients, and we want to make sure that your clinic is cleaned as hassle-free as possible.

In current times, proper cleaning and sanitation of medical clinics is more important than ever. See what Regency Cleaning can do for you by calling us at 403-520-7788 today!