How To Clean Industrial Carpets?

how to clean industrial carpet

It is essential to maintain a clean and healthy environment for your business, and this is why cleaning industrial carpets is so important as they experience all the foot traffic of your establishment. They can accumulate dirt, debris, and stains over time with heavy foot traffic and other industrial functions. Cleaning your industrial carpets regularly also improves the appearance of your space and prolongs the life of the carpet.

Your commercial carpet works diligently for your business, and when you research commercial carpet cleaning you will find that there are many techniques to accomplish this task. The following article will walk you through the most effective methods of industrial carpet cleaning to keep your business looking pristine and healthy.

How Often To Clean Industrial Carpets?

The frequency of professionally cleaning your industrial carpets varies greatly on where the carpet is located and what level of traffic it experiences. The following are a few guidelines for how often you should have your industrial carpets professionally cleaned:

Heavy traffic areas: 1-2 times a month.

Moderate traffic areas: 2-4 times per year.

Light traffic areas: 2 times per year.

How To Clean Industrial Carpets: The Techniques

The following are some common techniques utilized by professional cleaning companies to clean industrial carpets:

Dry Carpet Cleaning

This method uses a carpet cleaning solution that consists of special polymers that work like tiny sponges to trap soil and debris in the carpet. When applied to the carpet, the solution dries quickly and forms hard crystals which the carpet cleaner then vacuums up.

Hot Water Extraction

Hot water extraction, sometimes also referred to as steam carpet cleaning, is a popular technique in commercial carpet cleaning and is one of the best options. This method is ideal for large offices or heavy-traffic areas where the carpet is deeply soiled and hot water extraction utilizes a powerful machine to heat water and inject it with carpet cleaning solution into the carpet. This technique lifts dirt and stains from carpet fibres and is gentle enough for even delicate carpet fibres.


Encapsulation is a kind of foam carpet cleaning method and it is a variation of the “shampoo method”. It uses a specialty foam that expands when applied on the carpet and the foam forms crystals which then encapsulate the dirt. The dried foam is then vacuumed or brushed out with steam extraction.

Bonnet Cleaning Method

Bonnet cleaning uses a specialized machine with an absorbent pad, and the machine with the pad works over the carpet surface in a circular motion. The absorbent pad on the machine absorbs dirt and moisture from the carpet’s surface.

How To Maintain Industrial Carpets

Commercial carpets require weekly vacuuming, regular steam cleaning, and occasional spot treatment to keep looking their best. To extend the life of your industrial carpet, utilize a regular cleaning and maintenance schedule. In addition, vacuum daily or as required, and ensure never to use beater bars on natural fibre rugs as they can pull the fibres away. Address spills and stains promptly, and hire a professional deep carpet cleaning service

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