How to Deal with Post-Construction Clean Up

How to Deal with Post-Construction Clean Up

Renovations and construction are a welcomed opportunity to add new dynamic aspects to your business or to build something new and exciting from the ground up. In a perfect world, this process would be seamless, leaving no stress before, during or after the process. However, no such world exists — but fear not — our expert team of cleaners and maintenance professionals are on standby to make sure your adjustments to your workplace are looked after, so you can focus on your day-to-day and visions for the future. 

Construction and renovations will inevitably leave behind more than just new aspects to your workspace, it also leaves behind varying types of mess, often in the form of debris, equipment trash and particulates that permeate throughout your place of work. 

While any professional construction crew will often guarantee a degree of tidying up after the job is done, there are countless aspects both large and small that can be overlooked — and that’s where we come in. By bringing on an expert cleaning service post-construction, you have the guarantee that all kinds of mess, both micro and macro, will be looked after and dealt with in an appropriate fashion. 

We specialize in both deep cleaning and disinfecting of areas within your workspace. So whether construction has done a number on your floors, walls and ceilings, our team is readily equipped with the best technology available to make sure that your new construction or renovation project hasn’t left an undue mark on your business.

We don’t just stop at the surface, we also offer expert and detailed ventilation cleaning, so any residue that has made its way into your vents as a byproduct of construction is dealt with promptly and efficiently — so you and your team can breathe easy in more ways than one. 

Don’t let your construction and renovation dreams give you the blues after the fact. Give us a call at 403-520-7788 or contact us today to see what we can do for you for your post-construction needs.