Importance of Green Cleaning

While COVID has changed our lives in drastic ways over the past year or so, the looming climate change crisis has the potential to make the pandemic look like child’s play. Together, we can make a change to our current trajectory and keep our earth healthy and clean for many years to come. This is why Regency Cleaning is proud to be a fierce advocate for green cleaning and environmentally friendly cleaning practices.

Important of Green Cleaning

While the term green cleaning can vary in its precise definition, it generally refers to cleaning methods that keep ourselves and our environment healthy. This can mean choosing natural and non-toxic cleaning products. It also takes into consideration how wasteful we are when drawing upon our resources and our energy consumption habits. Cleaning, ironically enough, produces substantial waste byproducts, which need to be efficiently and safely disposed of. All of these are things that we need to take into consideration when committing ourselves to green cleaning.

Our Green Cleaning Program

At Regency Cleaning, green cleaning is simply a part of what we do. Our cleaning program follows the best practices outlined in the LEED EBOM (Leadership in Environmental and Energy Design, Existing Buildings Operations and Maintenance) program. Our environmentally friendly mindset starts right from when we select our cleaning agents. We look to exclusively purchase cleaning reagents that are safe and non-toxic for the environment without sacrificing strength or quality. We carefully manage the way we dispose of our wastewater to ensure it doesn’t contaminate Calgary’s freshwater supply and rivers. Our equipment is built to last and we take part in extensive recycling programs to ensure that we aren’t wasteful. Our powerful cleaning machinery has been carefully selected to ensure maximum efficiency so we reduce our energy consumption. Green cleaning permeates what we do in every step of your cleaning process.

At Regency Cleaning, we pride ourselves on our commitment to green cleaning and to doing our part to promote a healthier world for tomorrow. When you choose us, you’re helping us uphold these important values. See what we can do for you by calling us at 403-520-7788 today!