Is Green Cleaning as Effective on Viruses?

Is Green Cleaning as Effective on Viruses?

A certain virus has made itself a household name these past couple of years. At Regency Cleaning, we take pride in our advocacy of green cleaning; that is, the use of environmentally friendly cleaning products and techniques. Sometimes, we receive concerns about the efficacy of green cleaning on viruses. We’re here today to address some of those concerns and answer the big question: Is Green Cleaning as Effective on Viruses?

Yes! It Is!

In a nutshell, our green cleaning methods make no sacrifice when it comes to effectiveness or safety. All of our products are handpicked to ensure a powerful and potent cleaning effect while remaining easygoing on the environment. In addition, we use more than just cleaning products. One of the tools we employ is called electrostatic disinfection. This technology makes use of a stream of charged particles that hone in on tiny particles, including viruses, and clump them together to make them easier to remove. The resulting aggregates are more readily removed by disinfectants or our powerful vacuums. 

Not Everything is Harmful

Disinfectants work by eradicating all kinds of bacteria and viruses, but not all bacteria are harmful. Much of the bacteria we encounter in our everyday lives either doesn’t affect us at all, or in fact, can even be beneficial to us. For example, bacteria living in our gut play important roles in helping us digest food and absorb nutrients. When using disinfectants, all manner of bacteria are killed. Green cleaning takes this into account and sometimes makes use of “probiotic cleaners”, which help introduce non-pathogenic bacteria to help control the levels of actually harmful bacteria. 

Validated by a Third Party

We can go on and on about our green cleaning protocols, but you can’t put a fire out from inside the house. We’ve made sure that our stringent methods are approved not only by us, but by a trusted third party as well. All our cleaning protocols follow the LEED EBOM (Leadership in Environment and Energy Design, Existing Buildings Operations and Maintenance) program. LEED EBOM is a globally recognized program that sets strict guidelines that professional cleaning companies like us need to follow and meet.

If cleaning was not something you had considered in detail before, the pandemic has brought up just how important it is to many businesses. Ensure the safety of your business, your workers, and your clients by having a proper cleaning team in place. Give Regency Cleaning a call at 403-520-7788 today!