Keeping Your Floors Clean In The Winter

Installing hardwood floors is a huge financial investment in the future value of your home, but it is also an investment in the amount of time you’ll have to spend maintaining your floors going forward into the future.

It is undeniable that hardwood floors require much less regular care to maintain than traditional carpeted floors. That being said, you still can’t get away with completely neglecting the care of your floors once you’ve replaced your old carpet with brand new hardwood floors.

After you invest in new hardwood floors, you need to make a commitment to keeping your floors in pristine condition, regardless of seasonal wear and tear. As winter approaches, check out these suggestions for hardwood floor care that will help you adjust to the changing seasons:

Keep The Elements Outside

Although it can be more difficult to find fun recreation opportunities in the winter, that’s not going to stop you from pursuing your outdoor endeavors just because the weather is a bit colder. As you enjoy the beautiful winter wonderlands in your area, your shoes are picking up bits and pieces of your surrounding terrain and transporting them back to your home.

When dust, dirt, and water enter your home, they pose significant risks to your hardwood floors. If your floors remain in contact with gritty objects, they can act almost like sandpaper when you and your family are walking around inside. Rocks, salt, and other gritty objects can create scratches and grooves in the exterior of your floors. Water that sits on your floors for an extended amount of time can also leave our floors warped and weathered.

To make sure dirt, dust, salt, and water don’t build up on your floors in the winter, make sure your family always leaves their shoes outside or at the front door. Adding a holiday themed rug inside your front door or covering your floors entirely with mats will help you limit the amount of space that can potentially be impacted by the winter elements that attempt to invade your home.

Keep The Air Perfect

Of course, the winter months motivate people to crank up the heat in their homes. Unfortunately, this makes your home more dry, which can cause your hardwood floors to expand, contract, shift, and even shrink. Large variances in humidity levels in your home can cause eventual damage the outer appearance of your hardwood floors.

In order to combat this perpetual shrinking and expanding from the changing elements, you should invest in a humidifier that will help you ensure that the moisture level in your home will remain at the perfect point to maintain the long-term value of your investment into hardwood floors.

Year Round Care

In the winter months, it might require some extra effort to maintain your hardwood floors. If you commit to maintaining your floors on a year-round basis, it will only take a few extra moments each week to maintain the long-term integrity of your hardwood floors.

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