Keeping Sidewalks Clear in the Winter

Besides the cold weather and difficult driving conditions, slippery sidewalks are one of the many challenges that winter brings. As winter stretches onwards, freshly fallen snow gets packed down tighter and tighter. A sudden chinook wind can bring some much welcome relief from the cold, but it also melts snow down. When the temperature begins to drop again, this melted snow freezes into ice which, from experience, typically lasts until spring finally pokes its head through. Regency Cleaning is ready to help you tackle the toughest icy sidewalks to keep you and your workers safe this winter.

Seasoned Snow Removers

Our snow removal technicians have decades of experience in dealing with Calgary’s harsh winters. Over the years, we’ve pretty much seen it all, from the spontaneous bursts of icy winds to the steady snowfalls that can last for a full week. We recognize just how cumbersome and dangerous snow-covered walkways can become. Our snow removal team keeps a keen eye trained on the forecast and is prepared well ahead of the first snowfall.

Deicing Compounds

As previously mentioned, ice-covered sidewalks can prove to be extremely hazardous to pedestrians. Regency Cleaning’s Day Porter team is specially trained to recognize particular icy conditions early on. By getting to these spots early, we’re able to apply our deicer compound right away to prevent ice from forming in the first place. Our well-trained team knows how critical working quickly and efficiently is in preventing ice formation. You can rest assured that your walkways will remain safe and attractive all season long.

Decreasing Business Impact

This year has been incredibly tough on local business owners. If you’re running a business that relies especially on foot traffic, winter can bring even greater negative impacts. Don’t let the winter season add to your plate! We are more than happy to work with you to see how we can best assist you during these challenging times. Keeping your commercial property’s walkways clear of snow is one simple way to invite customers or clients to visit your business.

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