Popular Essential Oils to Leave Your Home Smelling Great

Popular Essential Oils to Leave Your Home Smelling Great - Regency Cleaning Service - Cleaning Services Calgary - Featured Image

Scented candles, aerosol sprays, and other popular air fresheners typically contain a long list of chemicals that are potentially harmful to humans and pets when used for an extended period. The good news is that there are all-natural alternatives that you can use to deodorize and freshen up your space. You no longer have to worry about breathing toxins and jeopardizing the health of your loved ones.


What are Essential Oils?


Essential oils are all-natural plant concentrates that are in demand due to their numerous benefits and versatile uses. Many people use them as homeopathic remedies for everyday health issues, such as getting rid of headaches, alleviating nausea, and reducing stress.


Each of these essential oils is characterized by unique scents. Lavender essential oil is known for having a calming effect. This is why people use them when they’re stressed at work, want to sleep soundly, or are just feeling a bit anxious. Another good example is tea tree essential oil. This is typically used for its soothing and disinfecting properties. People suffering from acne, dandruff, and even lice use them along with some water to dilute the solution and make it more gentle on the skin. Depending on your needs, there are also different ways to use essential oils. It can be by putting them on diffusers, adding a few drops to your shampoo, and tapping on the temples of your forehead.


Aside from all of these, essential oils are also typically used to make your space smell fresh and clean. Listed below are some of the most commonly used essential oils that you can use around your home to make it smell like a five-star hotel.


Peppermint Essential Oil


If you want your house to smell cool and crisp, we highly recommend that you use peppermint. For some individuals, this scent also reminds them of the Christmas season and peppermint candy canes. The fresh and invigorating qualities of peppermint help boost alertness, making it the perfect scent to start your day. Thanks to its minty sensation, this can also be great for those who have stuffy noses. 


Orange Essential Oil


You can’t miss out on filling your home with this zesty and fruity scent. According to certain studies, orange essential oil aromatherapy helps reduce stress hormones, lessens anxiety, prevents palpitations, decreases depression-like symptoms, and more. On top of that, this scent naturally neutralizes odours, making it great for your kitchen.


Vanilla Essential Oil


You probably use a lot of vanilla when preparing tasty treats for yourself or your loved ones. However, you might be surprised that it is also great for adding more sweetness and warmth to your home. Vanilla is known for its rich, comforting, and nostalgic qualities. When used around the house, it creates a relaxing yet luxurious environment that even guests will surely love.


Lavender Essential Oil

You can’t talk about essential oils without mentioning the ever-popular lavender. This is a favourite of many because it is a fantastic sleep aid. It has calming floral qualities that soothe stress and manage insomnia, which is why we recommend that you use that at night time as you’re winding down. Some studies even claim that it helps build one’s immunity to viruses.


Cinnamon Bark Essential Oil


If you are looking for a spicy and warm scent that deodorizes that air, we highly recommend that you fill your space with cinnamon bark essential oil. People typically use them around autumn and winter to create a homey and inviting space. 


Tea Tree Essential Oil


Although tea tree is commonly used to treat skin ailments due to its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, it is also great when diffused around the home. It has an earthy, fresh, herbaceous, and botanical scent that you can’t get enough of. It’s a fantastic everyday scent that elevates the ambiance without being too overpowering.


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