Preventing Slips and Falls in the Workplace

Are you doing enough to ensure the safety of your commercial workspace? Have you been forced to settle too many workers’ compensation claims over the last few years? Have many of these claims been related to slips and falls in your office building?

If so, your regular cleaning and maintenance team might not be accomplishing what you’ve hired them for. Preventing slips and falls in the workplace has a lot to do with the cleanliness of your office. In general, a clean office is a safer environment for everyone involved.

At Regency Cleaning, we do not take regular care and maintenance of commercial spaces lightly. We know that our cleaning efforts can have a direct effect on the safety of your workplace, and that’s precisely why we take our duties very seriously.

If your cleaning company isn’t doing enough to prevent slips and falls around your place of work, it might be time to look elsewhere. In the meantime, here are a few important tips for minimize the amount of serious slips and falls in your commercial workplace:

Floor Care 

Depending on the type and finish of your commercial workspace’s floor, very specific cleaning products may be required in order to make sure that employees do not routinely slip and fall. Cleaning concrete, tile, or grout, for example, requires microbial and enzymatic cleaners that are also quite handy when it comes to clearing drains.

These types of cleaners are also effective consumers of oil, fat, grease, and other substances that tend to build up on your floors and increase the risk of slips and falls. If you’re dealing with trying to remove rust from a floor, acidic cleaners can also be highly effective, although their use can lead to etch marks on certain finishes if the particular cleaner is a bit too strong.

As you can see, proper floor care requires knowledge and experience. In order to have your floors cared for in such a way that minimizes the likelihood of slips and falls around your workplace, you should be sure to hire a professional commercial cleaning company! 

Strategic Placement of Non-Slip Rugs or Mats 

One of the most common times when employees slip and fall is when they are either entering or exiting the building. Fortunately, preventing these costly slips and falls can simply be a matter of finding area rugs or mats to absorb liquids and remove debris from shoes, while also offering a non-slip surface for employees to safely enter and exit your commercial building. 

“Warning” Signs 

While your current cleaning company should already be doing so, placing warning signs to mark slippery areas just after floors have been cleaned can go a long way towards alerting your employees to be extra careful with their steps. 

Staying Clutter-Free 

A buildup of unnecessary clutter can also create additional hazards that might cause employees to slip and fall in the workplace. Common objects that employees can trip over include power cords, wastebaskets, and small furniture.

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