How to Properly Clean a Washroom

Public and communal washrooms are all too often dreaded spaces due to the mess, dirt, dampness, and germs that can hide behind closed doors. Customers will often judge you based on the state of your bathrooms, and employees will thank you for germ-free spaces that don’t make them sick.

What’s Hiding In the Washroom?

Sinks grimey with soap scum, toilets stinking of stale urine, and viruses, pathogens, bacteria, and fungi who all thrive anywhere damp. When bodily fluids get involved, germy beasties are happy campers! The good news is that regular cleaning can keep the smells and germs in check.

How to Clean: Three Waves

Have you ever experienced the pleasure of walking into a beautifully clean, fresh-smelling washroom? The rules for cleaning are the same whether you’re in a commercial or residential space: do three circles or waves through the room on a regular basis and you’ll impress everybody.

Tidy and Pre-Soak

For each wave, start at one point in the room and circle around until you get back to the start. The first wave is all about tidying: throwing away any garbage in the corners, putting misplaced items back in their place, and emptying garbage cans and laundry. During this wave you’ll also spray any particularly stubborn areas with general cleaner to help break down heavy build-up. Areas that might warrant this treatment include tiles, toilets, and glass doors.

Clean and Floors

Once your surfaces are cleared off, you’re ready to do your second cleaning circle. This wave is the scrubbing, dusting, cleaning, and polishing. Use all-purpose cleaner and a damp cloth, then buff bright and dry with a clean dry microfiber cloth. Start with dusting, highest surfaces to lowest, then tackle glass surfaces, then tackle countertops including wiping down any items on the counters before you replace them. Last, the toilets get tackled, and then all the major points of contact need to get disinfected, particularly for public washrooms. Last but not least, floors get thoroughly washed for that polished look.

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