Regular Cleaning Tips to Save you Time

Regular Cleaning Tips to Save you Time - Regency Cleaning - Commercial Cleaning Company - Featured Image

What would you rather have more of, time or money? While you may come to a snap answer in a moment, thinking for a little longer reveals a surprising amount of nuisance in this deceptively simple question. When it comes to cleaning, Regency Cleaning believes that staying on top of things with regular cleaning can save you time AND money.


Divide and Conquer

Oftentimes, the hardest part of completing a task is getting started. If it’s been a while since you last did a thorough cleaning of your home, the task can feel insurmountable. Indeed, while some people thrive under the pressure, for many people the thought of cleaning all the individual rooms at once is overwhelming. However, a simple change in perspective can make a huge difference. Divide up your cleaning tasks into smaller, manageable chunks, and do not feel pressured to get it all done in a single day. As a quick rule of thumb, you could try dedicating just 15 minutes of your day to a simple cleaning task, like dusting and/or vacuuming your home office. Then, the following day, dedicate another 15 minutes to some other cleaning chore. If you are having a hard time staying motivated, try starting with the tasks you find the easiest or the least annoying. You may suddenly find the desire to keep going even after your 15 minutes is up; seize that burst of motivation!


Keeps you Organized

Part of keeping a clean household is keeping an orderly household. One way you can do this is by assigning each object in your home a proper storage place, or “home”. Having an assigned designated location for objects makes it less likely that they’ll get misplaced. Furthermore, when it comes time to clean, you don’t need to waste time thinking about where you should put your belongings, as you would have already decided that ahead of time! Consider investing some time into developing an organizational system that works for your space.


Streamlines your Productivity

While cleaning, look for ways you can optimize how you are spending your time. As one example, many people prefer to first dust a room before vacuuming. This can help loosen thicker sheets of dust that the vacuum may not lift at first, and you can keep an eye out for trouble spots as you dust. Consider cleaning spaces that you use the most and are likely to need it the most, such as your kitchen or office.

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