Snow Removal Services

As the winter months approach rapidly, you might be dreading that first day when you have to wake up and shovel snow out of your driveway before you go to work. For most Canadian residents, this can add as much as an hour to your morning routine, costing you precious sleep time.

Fortunately, the Regency team offers full-service snow removal to help take that burden off your shoulders. We know that snow and ice removal can have a huge impact on making your mornings just a bit more smooth, and we pride ourselves on reliable service that will leave you feeling satisfied.

In order to perform our snow removal service at a high level, we employ a highly dependable overnight labor force that uses the right equipment and has been given the proper training to complete the task in the right way the first time.

At Regency Cleaning, our snow removal team is on call 24/7 during the winter months. We constantly monitor weather forecasts to make sure we are as prepared as possible to recognize slippery conditions and apply deicer compounds where they are needed.

If you’re tired of the hassle of shoveling your own driveway every morning before you go to work, you shouldn’t hesitate to trust the pros at Regency Cleaning to keep your sidewalks, driveways, and curbs safe and snow-free.

If you’re still skeptical about hiring a snow removal service, you should know what is necessary to remove snow effectively and you should be aware of some of the benefits of hiring a professional snow removal service:

Tools of The Trade

While many different companies will approach snow removal differently, there are a few essential items that every reliable snow removal company should have. The first item is a solid snowplow blade that is properly attached to a pick-up truck or other vehicle capable of operating in the snow and ice. There are also specific pieces of heavy equipment that can be used to make snow removal services efficient and effortless.

Aside from equipment, a reliable snow removal company must employ skilled personnel what are familiar with techniques for removing snow and ice without causing any damage to the driveway or sidewalk below. It also helps to know that your snow removal company will be there when you need them to be, and that they’ll always have your car plowed out by the time you’re ready to head off to work.

It can be easy to rely on a neighbor with the latest, greatest snow blower, but if he or she gets buried trying to uncover his or her own driveway, he or she might not get to yours by the time you need it. That’s why you should trust a company that’s on call 24/7 in the winter, because you never really know when a big snowstorm will hit. 

Benefits of Hiring A Snow Removal Service

If you still think you can handle the snow removal duties for your driveway, curbs, and sidewalk, you should know what hiring a snow removal service could save you from the wear and tear of shoveling your driveway every time it snows. If you get lazy and simply drive over the snow in the morning, you’ll return to find an unwieldy layer of ice in the afternoon.

Hiring a snow removal service will allow you to get the extra sleep that you need in the mornings and it will help you rest assured that your driveway will be clear when it’s time for you to head to work. Give the professionals at Regency Cleaning a call to set up snow removal services for your home today!