Think Your Office is Clean?

Imagine you are just stepping back into your office for the first time in months. You open the door, dust off your desk, and adjust your chair only to realize just how unkempt the place looks after a 3-month absence! Luckily, now you’ve got the opportunity to get things back into shape.

Where Germs Hide

Even an office that looks clean and orderly can hide microscopic dangers. Unfortunately for us, germs are invisible to our eyes, which makes it easy for us to spread them unknowingly. You may have just come from the washroom with freshly cleaned hands and inadvertently brought an unfriendly visitor from the washroom doorknob back to your desk. Later, you might enjoy some bagel bites while you type, spreading these pesky little microbes further. Surfaces that have high levels of contact, such as shared office supplies, light switches, doorknobs, and keyboards, are of the greatest risk. Regular cleaning and disinfecting can help keep those items safe. However, germs can also hide inside carpet fibres, on furniture, and interspersed in dust particles floating through the air. For surfaces that are harder to clean, you’ll want a professional cleaning company, such as Regency Cleaning, to get the job done. Our cleaning techniques help to protect you and your workers from pathogenic particles while also improving indoor air quality.

Clean Desk, Clean Mind

Working in a clean office space provides numerous unseen benefits. Your workspace is oftentimes a reflection of your mind, and an organized space helps to keep your thoughts organized as well. Having excessive clutter in your immediate field of view can quickly become distracting and will affect your focus. You may feel the incessant pressure to do something about it, but keep putting it off as you already have enough on your plate for the day. Perhaps a stray document catches your eye and you drop what you are doing to follow up. You might waste precious daylight rummaging around looking for a misplaced report. Whatever it might be, clutter and “visual pollution” will clog up your day. A proper office cleaning is an investment in boosting productivity and helping you achieve a positive state of mind.

Even an office that looks clean can harbour unwelcome little “guests”. If you’re stepping back into the office for the first time in months, you’ll want to give Regency Cleaning a call! You can reach us at 403-520-7788.