Three Reasons to Choose a Green Cleaning Company

At Regency Cleaning, we pride ourselves on our commitment to green cleaning and the use of sustainable cleaning products. But why is it that we choose to go this extra mile? What exactly is green cleaning and why does it matter?

What is Green Cleaning?

“Traditional” cleaning used a variety of compounds and cleaning reagents that were thought to be the most effective at the time. Unfortunately, many of these use harmful products that can cause damage to both you and the environment around you. Today, we know a great deal more about the science behind these reagents, and are able to better pick out which ingredients are most useful and least harmful. This lets us design more powerful and effective cleaning solutions that are also environmentally friendly. Green cleaning simply refers to the use of cleaning agents that are non-toxic and have a minimal impact on the environment.

Why is Green Cleaning Important?

Traditional cleaning reagents can be damaging to human health. Toxins can enter your system through inhalation or through direct contact. Even trace amounts could pose a hazard to your health. Moreover, the disposal of these kinds of reagents usually involves dumping them into the water system, where they end up in our rivers. This alters the wildlife and creates further health hazards due to the risk of it entering our drinking water. Green cleaning uses environmentally friendly ingredients that are non-toxic and won’t have adverse effects on our water supply or the ecosystem. As an added bonus, green cleaning won’t leave behind any lingering “chemical” smell. In future years, global issues such as climate change will make more and more headlines. Investing in a green cleaning company means you’re playing a part in helping ensure our world is protected for many generations to come.

Regency Cleaning strongly believes in the importance of green cleaning, and the positive impact it can leave. Our cleaning products are effective and powerful at doing their job while remaining gentle on the environment. Ready to get started with a green cleaning company? Call us at 403-520-7788 today!