Using the Latest Technology in Cleaning Equipment

Our understanding of the environmental impacts of certain cleaning products and techniques has vastly improved over the course of the past decade or so, and many commercial cleaning companies have adapted their practices to include the latest in cleaning technology.

While many individuals in our world today battle unhealthy obsessions with the latest and greatest technological innovations, many industries that embrace these innovations are finding cheaper, healthier, and more efficient ways to conduct business.

At Regency Cleaning, we are constantly evaluating our own commercial cleaning techniques to find areas in which we can improve. Incorporating the latest technology in cleaning equipment is just one way we strive to offer the most environmentally friendly cleaning service available in Calgary.

The LEED EBOM Program

Green cleaning is one of our top priorities, and this is why each and every cleaning program instituted at our client’s facilities follow the essential best practice guidelines set forth by the Leadership in Environmental and Energy Design, Existing Building Operations and Maintenance (LEED EBOM) program.

Following these guidelines means a commitment to purchasing accepted green cleaning products, following safe recommendations for wastewater disposal, going through proper channels to recycle used cleaning products, using high-efficiency vacuums, examining how our cleaning procedures can improve the health of your building, employing eco-friendly microfiber cloths, and much more.

Concurrent with LEED EBOM recommendations, we also offer daytime cleaning services that function to reduce electricity consumption and light pollution and we strive to work with partners and suppliers interested in implementing state-of-the-art cleaning techniques and objectives.

Benefits of High-Efficiency Vacuums

Canister or upright vacuum cleaners can make your commercial cleaning staff’s job much more difficult. These types of vacuums are relatively large and, once used for any extended period of time, they become heavy and nearly impossible to move around. As a result, many companies have begun to use backpack vacuum cleaners that are much more portable and efficient.

Because these high-efficiency vacuums are much easier to maneuver around your commercial space, they allow cleaners to reach spots that would otherwise be inaccessible. This means dust, dirt, and grime are less likely to accumulate in hard-to-reach areas that your cleaning company resolves to neglect in the process of their cleaning efforts.

The increased maneuverability of high-efficiency vacuums also allows your cleaning company to complete the job much faster than would normally be possible with traditional commercial vacuums. Many are also equipped with the latest in double filtration or HEPA filtration technology, which means they are capable of trapping and removing dangerous allergens much more effectively than traditional cleaners. The result will be a much cleaner, healthier, and allergy-free work environment.

At Regency Cleaning, we are consistently searching for ways to improve our services by utilizing the latest cleaning technology at our disposal. If you’d like to speak with us about your commercial cleaning needs, please don’t hesitate to give us a call at 403-520-7788 today!