What is a Day Porter?

Day Porter

The word “porter” might bring to mind the image of a tuxedo-clad butler with a curled moustache. In reality, day porters are a common and integral member of the facility maintenance team, and do much more than that silly stereotype would have you believe!

Day Porters

A day porter simply refers to a dedicated person who is stationed in a facility to ensure it remains clean, and that daily cleaning duties are being performed adequately. Day porters typically are employed in ensuring cleanliness, though this isn’t always the case. Day porters may also be used in other areas of building maintenance, like changing light bulbs, restocking paper towels, or cleaning up spills. In many cases, the duties of a day porter are flexible and can be altered to meet the needs of a particular facility. 

Value of a Day Porter

If you never notice the presence of a day porter, that means that they have done their job well! Day porters can be considered the “unsung heroes” of managing a facility. They work behind the scenes tirelessly throughout the workday to make sure that the facility is operating smoothly and that the space remains clean, orderly, and safe for customers and clients. At Regency Cleaning, day porters are a highly valued part of our cleaning team, and we rely on them to alert the rest of our staff of any situations that require our attention. Day porters can also add value to a business; having someone to touch up restrooms, keep glass and windows sparkling, and keep the entrance area clear of mud can go a long way towards boosting your business appeal.

End of the Day

Day porters help maintain the facility during the day, but the impact of their role extends beyond that. When it’s closing time, day porters have the important responsibility of handing things off to the nighttime cleaning crew. As they have the best understanding of what went on throughout the day, the day porter is well positioned to inform the night crew of any events or issues that require special attention. In addition, the day porter is in constant communication with the rest of the Regency Cleaning team. They are our first lines of communication, and it is only through their diligence that we are able to provide our services in an efficient and timely manner.

Regency Cleaning prides itself on the quality and dedication of each of our team members. From the cleaning crew to the day porters, all of us have an important role to play in making sure we deliver the best possible service to you. Call us at 403-520-7788 today to book a meeting!