What Is Industrial Cleaning?

An industrial cleaner mopping the floor to remove stains, dirt, and oils in their production area.

Industrial cleaning refers to the maintenance of manufacturing or industry spaces such as warehouses, factories, and power plants. This specialized form of cleaning keeps industrial space clean, safe, and healthy for employees and encompasses a wide range of projects from removing built-up grime from equipment to disinfecting floors. In addition, industrial cleaning promotes a safe and clean industrial environment to keep businesses compliant with federal contaminations laws and fosters a safe and healthy workplace for optimized operational efficiency. Read ahead to learn what industrial cleaning is and its importance for smooth industrial operations.

Services Included In Industrial Cleaning

Industrial settings are typically filled with large stockpiles, heavy equipment and moving objects, and also store toxic chemicals that can pose health and environmental hazards. As a result, it is crucial to hire professional cleaning services that are highly skilled and trained in cleaning industrial spaces, appropriately disposing waste, and meticulously organizing cleaning tasks in these facilities.

The use of specialized equipment and products allow industrial cleaners to clean industrial-scale environments unlike the tools and products that are used to clean a home. Industrial cleaners receive appropriate training and safety education to properly utilize the tools of this trade. The following is a list of tasks that helps define what industrial cleaning is:

  • Rinsing boilers, tanks, and vats with high-pressure hoses
  • Extracting dust and ash using industrial-grade vacuum machinery
  • Sanitize work areas and equipment
  • Blending cleaning agents in precise amounts and removing grease, oil, and dirt from machinery and equipment
  • Utilize cradles or mobile access platforms for accessing elevated areas.
  • Securely store cleaning tools and dispose of hazardous waste appropriately
  • Utilizing power washers to clean machinery and equipment such as pipes, boilers, conveyor belts, and tanks

What Are Industrial Cleaning Techniques?

Industrial cleaning techniques involve a variety of specialized methods suited to the unique needs of industrial environments. From pressure washing to steam cleaning, each cleaning technique is carefully picked based on the surface material, level of contamination, and desired outcome. The following industrial cleaning techniques are utilized for achieving thorough cleaning outcomes:

  • High-pressure washing: Utilizing high-pressure water jets removes dirt, grime, and contaminants from floors, walls, machinery, and equipment.
  • Steam cleaning: Steam cleaning harnesses the power of hot vapor to sanitize and disinfect, and is used to dissolve and dislodge tough stains, grease, and dirt from surfaces and is effective for sanitizing and disinfecting machinery and surfaces without using harsh chemicals.
  • Ultrasonic cleaning: This method utilizes high-frequency sound waves and a cleaning solution to remove dirt, grease, and contaminants from complex or delicate machinery, parts, tools, or equipment.
  • Vacuuming: Industrial-strength vacuum cleaners are used to effectively remove dust, debris, and loose particles from floors, carpets, and other surfaces.
  • Scrubbing and polishing: Mechanical scrubbing techniques utilize floor scrubbers or buffing machines to remove dirt from hard surfaces which is then followed by polishing or buffing to restore shine.
  • Duct cleaning: Industrial cleaning involves cleaning and sanitizing HVAC ducts and ventilation systems to boost air quality and prevent the spread of contaminants within industrial settings.
  • Specialized industrial cleaning equipment: Ovens, tanks, boilers, pipelines, processing machinery, storage tanks, silos, and vessels are cleaned using specialized equipment and safety procedures and hygiene standards.

At Regency Cleaning Services, we understand how crucial it is to enlist the help of cleaning professionals who have the knowledge and expertise in cleaning industrial spaces since these environments necessitate the use of specialized tools, techniques, and products to achieve the cleanest result possible. Contact us today to learn more about the cleaning services that we offer to make your industrial environment healthy and safe to use for you and your employees.