When’s The Last Time You Cleaned Your Upholstery?

Even the most conscientious office managers probably care much more about the cleanliness of the furniture in their homes than they do about the furniture in their commercial office space. Proper commercial space management, however, requires consideration of all items in your office.

Upholstery cleaning is an easy aspect to neglect, especially when you’re busy tending to a number of more ‘essential’ business tasks. Including upholstery cleaning in your commercial cleaner’s regular routine can actually provide significant benefits to everyone that works in your office space.

At Regency Cleaning, we see too many commercial spaces in which furniture upholstery has been neglected for far too long. Unless your company possesses an unlimited budget that allows for purchases of entirely new furniture every year or two, regular upholstery cleaning is important. Here are a few specific reasons why:

You Must Keep Up Appearances

If your office sees regular visitors, like many do, it’s imperative that the appearance of your space does its’ best to create a favorable first impression. Regular upholstery cleaning will help you maintain the “like new” appearance of your furniture for much longer.

Over time, office furniture will inevitably be subject to wear and tear from dirt and grime collecting or rubbing off visitor’s clothes or skin. It doesn’t take much effort, if cleaning is scheduled regularly, to keep furniture from building up harmful dust, dirt, and other substances.

It Extends the Life of Office Furniture

Professional upholstery cleaning will aid in the prevention of premature wear on your office furniture. Allowing dirt to accumulate and rest on office furniture for extended periods of time will significantly increase the rate of your furniture’s aging process. By preventing accumulation and quickly addressing any dirt that does find its way onto your office furniture, professional upholstery cleaning will make office furniture last much longer.

You Can’t Neglect the Health of your Employees

As with many facets of commercial cleaning services, the health of employees in the building should be a top priority. Just like carpets, furniture upholstery can accumulate potentially hazardous bacteria and allergens that may affect the health of your entire office staff.

Mold, mildew, and a number of additional allergens can bury themselves deep in your office furniture. Over time, this can lead to unpleasant odors and high rates of sickness amongst office employees. Regular upholstery cleaning removes these allergens to reduce the risk of compromised employee health and increase the quality of the air inside your commercial office space.

A Little Check-In

If you’re struggling to figure out the last time you had the furniture upholstery in your commercial office space thoroughly cleaned, you’ll probably be safe to schedule thorough upholstery cleaning sooner, rather than later. After all, if you’re not safe, you’re more likely to be sorry.

At Regency Cleaning, our commercial cleaning services include, but are not limited to, regular upholstery cleaning. If you’d like to discuss your commercials space’s specific cleaning needs, please don’t hesitate to give us a call at 403-520-7788 today!