Why Hire a Professional Post-Construction Cleaning Crew?

Construction is a messy business with many moving parts. As such, creating a bit of a mess is nearly inevitable. Once your project is all set and done, the last thing you want to be dealing with is the cleanup process. That’s where Regency Cleaning steps in; the post-construction cleanup is where we do our best work. 


Safety is Key

When you hire a professional post-construction cleanup crew, such as Regency Cleaning, you are ensuring that your newly developed project is being cleaned up in a way that places safety first. Construction cleanup poses unique hazards and challenges over and above that of typical commercial cleaning protocols. There might be unique height challenges, heavy objects or materials to move, or special equipment needs. Whatever the case may be, Regency Cleaning has trained cleaning technicians to handle it. Our team is specifically trained in a safety-sensitive way to ensure that all proper protocols are adhered to at all times to protect both themselves as well as your investment. 


Variety of Services

Every construction project is different. Therefore, every post-construction cleanup is going to look different as well. Regency Cleaning can do it all, from simple tasks such as removing debris from light fixtures to deep cleaning fully finished rooms. Our cleaners are experienced in all manners of cleaning, from indoor to outdoor, and are armed with the best tools to help them get the job done. When you call on Regency Cleaning, you call upon the combined expertise of our cleaning crew to ensure that the job is done right.


Save Time

If your construction project is like most others, you’ll know just how tight timelines can be. The last thing you want is for the cleanup process to drag on, preventing you from moving into the next phases of your project. Regency Cleaning understands the need to keep to a strict deadline. We calculate your timeline into ours to ensure that we stay on time or finish early. With the cleanup process taken care of, your time is freed up to focus on whatever comes next, saving you time and energy. 


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