Winter Cleaning Tips for Calgary Homes

winter cleaning tips

Calgarians must know very well that everything moves indoors due to the cold weather during the winter season. This also means that family members and pets spend more time indoors, and when everyone is stuck inside, everything probably feels dirtier in your home. Some areas in your home require extra attention and care when you are looking to freshen up and keep germs to a minimum during winter cleaning. In this article, we offer useful winter cleaning tips for your Calgary home to keep you and your family happy and safe during the cold months!

Clean The Flooring

Floors and carpets tend to be dirtier in the winter when people wear shoes in the house, especially in rainy or snowy weather conditions. A winter cleaning suggestion is to have mats at all entrances to trap dirt and wipe soiled shoes before entering the house. The type of floor that you have will also help determine the best way to keep your floors clean. When it comes to cleaning hardwood floors, use little liquid as hardwood floors can warp with too much water. A mild floor cleaner can help sanitize the flooring and a wipe-down with little water and a dry microfiber towel can keep your floors clean.

If carpets are not cleaned regularly, carpets can trap dust, dirt, bacteria, and pet hair. To enjoy the warmth and soft feeling of carpets, ensure that you are cleaning your carpets thoroughly. The best way to thoroughly clean and sanitize a carpet is to buy or rent a carpet cleaner or hire a cleaning company for a deep clean. If you choose to clean carpets with a DIY option, sprinkle some baking soda over the carpet and let it sit overnight to remove odours. Proceed with vacuuming, then lightly spray the carpet with a mixture of warm water and some drops of carpet shampoo. Clean with a carpet brush and blot with a towel to remove excess moisture, and let the carpet air dry.

Clean Blankets, Throws, And Pillows

If you love to cozy up with a warm blanket during those cold winter nights, make sure you put those blankets in the washing machine for a thorough winter cleaning of your home. Wash duvets and pillows separately at 40 to 60 degrees Celsius depending on the product. Another tip is to add a tennis ball to ensure that the feathers don’t stick together.

Empty Out The Fridge

Your fridge can start to look messy after the holiday season with all those festive leftovers. For a thorough winter cleaning, empty food from the fridge into cool bags. Wash and rinse your fridge drawers, doors, and liners with soapy water and dry with a microfiber cloth. When emptying the fridge, check to see any jars, sauces, and foods that you no longer need, and throw away any expired ingredients. It is recommended to clean the fridge at least four times a year.

Clean Your Bathrooms

A winter cleaning tip to safeguard your health is to regularly clean the bathrooms in your home during the winter especially if someone in the household is ill. Ensure to disinfect the toilet, sink, countertop, shower, bath, and flooring. In addition, it is recommended to wipe down the light switches, towel racks, door knobs, and handles.

Replace HVAC Filters

Replace the HVAC filters at least every three months in your home when considering winter cleaning tasks. Replace the filters more regularly in months when the HVAC is used heavily, such as in summer and winter. This ensures that the air stays clean with steady airflow. Replacing the HVAC filters removes allergens that can get trapped inside your home.

We all know that a clean home is healthy for the mind and body. One of the best practices that you can employ to keep your home looking pristine year-round is to hire professional cleaning services. Regency Cleaning Services will provide you with expert solutions that will make your house look and smell great! Contact us today to get started.