3 Ways to Avoid Dirty Floors this Winter

There’s no single service from us that will help you out this winter – there’s many! Here are some ways Regency Cleaning can help keep your office or accommodation looking great this winter.

Mat Rental

Mats are a great way to prevent snow, mud, or water being tracked onto your premises. However, they can’t do a lot of good if they’re soaking wet with slush, snow, and mud. Instead of catching muck, your entranceway will start to become smelly and uninviting. Furthermore, not many businesses own a wet vacuum to keep mats in good shape! Luckily, we offer a mat rental and replacement service, so you’ll have clean mats back before you’ve even realised you needed them.

Floor Services

For the rest of your floor, there’s our regular floor maintenance services. We can clean any sort of surface: hardwood, marble, tile, laminate, and more. We even do vinyl stripping and replacement in kitchen or workshop areas. Regular floor services year round help to keep surfaces from getting stained by ground-in dirt or repetitive moisture. This makes them especially important in the winter! And don’t forget that road and sidewalk salts can permanently damage hardwood if it’s not cleaned promptly. Our floor services keep your floor sparkling and in good condition for years to come.

Snow Removal

Floor services are essential to keeping your space looking tidy this winter. However, it all starts outside with making sure the snow on your pavement isn’t being tracked indoors. A great way to stop snow from getting tracked indoors is to have the Regency Cleaning’s snow removal team visit you routinely. Joining our rota means that when it snows, we’re on call to remove that snow before you even get to work.

When the cold hits, you already have to think about your car starting and scraping the frost off your windows to get to work on time. Make the rest easy for yourself by hiring Calgary’s most trusted cleaning service to take away the other worries. Call us at 403-520-7788 to book one now.