Waste Reduction

Think your workplace is pretty eco-friendly? We can put it to the test. But first, here’s why waste reduction is important to us at Regency Cleaning:

What We Do To Reduce Waste

Waste reduction is very important to us, which is evident from our preference for green cleaning products, our use of reusable cleaning supplies, and our aim to create as little garbage as possible. It’s important to us because we love Alberta from the towering Rockies to the rolling prairies, and if we want to keep our province great we should do what we can to take care of it.

Whether or Not Green Cleaning is Important To You, we do it because it’s evident that Albertans care about the environment. We have well-established recycling programs in most of our towns, and we have hard working water treatment plants that keep our dry climate stocked with clean water. Albertans are generally aware of their environmental impact, though there are some exceptions.

How to Encourage Your Work Colleagues to Be Less Wasteful

It’s not always an easy topic to bring up, but we’ve thought of a fun game you can do with your work colleagues to encourage waste reduction. Over the course of this chilly winter, insist that your work colleagues save all the takeout cups they bring into work. This includes Tim Horton’s, Starbucks, or 7/11 cups that come into the office. Make a stack for each person and see who collects the most and who uses reusable mugs over the course of a month. Award a prize to the least wasteful person.

Whether or not Green Cleaning is important to you, we proudly offer it as part of our practice at Regency Cleaning. We’ve found our eco-friendly products to be just as effective, and we take pride in the results. To book a service with Calgary’s ‘greenest’ cleaning company, call us at 403-520-7788.