New Year’s Cleaning Solutions

Nobody wants to think about keeping the office clean—everyone is too preoccupied with their own work to make any time for it. But leave it for too long and it can create tension within the workplace. Don’t fear! Between these tips and our routine services, Regency Cleaning will help you get a fresh start and ensure that office cleaning isn’t something you’ll have the think about for the rest of the year.

Travel Mugs:

Most offices will have a coffee maker and kettle—they’re the staples of a happy office environment, after all! But it’s funny how often we will still go to a Starbucks or Tim Hortons in the winter months to get a coffee. This can create a lot of waste in an office. In an effort to reduce the pile-up of garbage that disposable coffee cups create, try challenging your workmates to a “cup count”. It’s where you keep track of how many disposable cups are brought into the office over a week or a month, and award a prize to the person who’s brought in the least. This encourages people to use reusable travel mugs when they get take-out coffee, which in turn can also reduce spills caused by lidless mugs.

Have an Office Handheld Vacuum and Cleaning Wipes:

For small spills, and for keeping a personal desk area tidy, encourage the use of cleaning wipes and a mobile vacuum to help keep individual cubicles tidy. There’s nothing worse than using the keyboard of somebody who often eats lunch at their desk (ew!). Crumbs from sandwiches can get stuck in keyboards, and the smells from spills stick around. Buying these two small but mighty cleaning products for your office will (hopefully) encourage everyone to be a little bit neater.

Book Routine Services:

But what is the #1 way to keep your office clean and stress-free year round? Scheduled visits from us! Look into getting us to visit for weekly floor cleaning weekly, daily toilet cleaning, indoor and outdoor window wiping, and even upholstery cleaning. Setting a schedule for yourself now will mean that you won’t forget when a chair or floor has gradually become dirty; you’ll just notice when you walk in and it looks cleaner!

Call us today to ask about seasonal or routine cleaning services, and how Regency Cleaning, which has served the Calgary community for so long, can serve you as well. Call us at 403-520-7788