Putting Clients First

At Regency Cleaning, we take our job seriously because we know that the work of our cleaning team will ultimately reflect upon your company. Year round, we take great care to ensure we are doing the best job possible for your office or retail space. In this article, we’ll let you in on some of the things we look for.

Snow Removal is perhaps one of the most important jobs that we do, and it affects all Calgarians. Unlike other cities in the world, when the snow falls in Calgary, nobody gets the day off. We strap on our boots and we get ready to scrape the ice off of our cars! But for people who have mobility issues requiring a cane or a wheelchair, it’s very important that we try to make our environment as safe as possible for collective safety. When you hire us to shovel a walking path or pressure-wash away weeds in the summer, we think of all the possible safety hazards involved, and the job is only done when a walkway is fully de-iced and ready to be walked on again.

Carpet and Flooring:

The same goes for indoor flooring and carpets. Area rugs are a particular danger to watch out for, as when retail spaces – like a shop floor – get busy, a carpet that’s not held down with some kind of adhesive could curl and become a tripping hazard. What may not be a hazard for an able-bodied person paying full attention could still trip a running child or get caught in the spokes of a wheelchair tire. Routine cleaning of floors is a service that makes your floors look nicer, but the replacement of flooring or a routine safety check can go a long way to ensure safety.

Day Porter:

For everything else, or to pick up after the natural chaos of an office or retail space, we provide the services of a Day Porter. This is someone whose sole focus is to make sure your space looks tidy and presentable, and maintains its efficiency throughout the day. They’re the extra pair of eyes you wish you had!

Clear your head this new year, and schedule some services that will keep your space tidy without you having to lift a finger. Our team has been serving Calgary for over thirty years, and we’re proud to be Calgary’s most reliable janitorial service for indoor or outdoor cleaning. Call us today to set up your first visit! 403-520-7788