The Value of Fresh Eyes

Once and a while you need an objective observer to come tell you whether or not your space could be improved with a thorough clean. That’s where we come in.

The Dirtiest Places in Your Office You might just not know where the dirtiest part of your office is until one day you move the furniture, or worse, see mice before you get the chance to. While many of the usual cleaning spots are taken care of on a regular basis, a professional service using specialist equipment will clear your dust bunnies and your conscience.

Air Quality

That secret trapped dirt also has a propensity to negatively affect air quality in your office space. One place people often don’t clean is the place where most dust is being circulated and caught: ventilation. A professional team of cleaners in your space can make a full thorough assessment and as a result you might find you breathe a little easier!

Full Service – Upholstery Cleaning

If there’s one job impossible to give to the intern, it’s upholstery cleaning. Who even knows how you’re supposed to clean a couch when you can’t put it in a washing machine! We know. What’s more is that all of our products are green certified, so you’ll never lay your hands on an unsafe chemical which may trigger allergies or affect health sensitive people.

Get in on our full cleaning service this year. Fresh starts like these don’t come often. Call us at 403 520 7788 to book yours today.