5 Reasons to Clean Green

Every home should have a collection of essential cleaning products. Whether you like it or not, keeping your home clean is important for your health and the health of your family. Keeping a clean home will not only lead to a healthier life, but it will also help you feel better about the home that you come back to everyday.

In choosing your cleaning products, it’s easy to select the cheapest or most recognizable brands from your local grocery store. However, these generic cleaning products might not be the best selection for your home and your family.

As our society becomes increasingly conscious of our environmental footprint, companies have been engineering more and more ‘green’ products. This is also true for household cleaning products. In general, ‘green’ cleaning products do not contain any toxic ingredients.

There are a number of reasons why these products are ultimately safer and healthier for your family. Here are a few suggestions for why you should strive to ‘clean green’:

Promotes a Healthier Family

 Because green products are made from non-toxic materials, they are much safer for use in any area of your home. These products often use organic materials such as vinegar, lemon, or baking soda. Hence, you can use them as frequently as you desire without worrying about harming the health of your family members.


If you have a pet at home, using traditional cleaning products usually necessitates getting your dog or cat out of the house for a few hours. Pets are naturally curious and are often quick to sniff or lick any strange substances or odours they aren’t familiar with. 

Green cleaning products eliminate the need for having to worry about the health of your pets when cleaning your home. Because they don’t contain toxic materials, pets can sniff or lick any residual substances or odors all they want, without subjecting themselves to unwanted health risks.

Cheaper, Yet Still Effective

Many people worry about the effectiveness of green cleaning products. In fact, this is a common marketing strategy for those companies still producing cleaning products based in toxic materials. However, these products have been proven to be just as effective as more traditional cleaning solutions.

In addition, they are often considerably cheaper than most traditional solutions. Some products can easily be mixed at home. For example, an equal solution of water and vinegar creates an incredibly effective all-purpose cleaner.

Help Maintain Indoor Air Quality

Most traditional cleaning products are accompanied by unfriendly, toxic odors. These odors can linger in your home for hours after you’re finished cleaning, compromising the air quality inside of your home. This can lead to excessive coughing and other long-term health effects. When using green cleaning products, you don’t have to worry about those toxic fumes.

Environmentally Friendly

Perhaps the most important selling point of green cleaning products is that they are much more environmentally friendly than more traditional solutions. Green cleaning products don’t come with the adverse affects to the environment that are associated with traditional products, making their use much more environmentally and socially responsible.

It’s not enough to simply clean with those traditional products. When thinking about cleaning your home, think about how you can take a few simple steps to clean green.