If you want to sell your House, give it a Thorough Cleaning

Selling a house can be an extremely stressful experience. It’s guaranteed to be disruptive, and there are a million and one things that you need to do to get your house into a salable condition. One of the steps that you can take to help your house sell more quickly and for a better price is to make sure that it gets a thorough top to bottom cleaning before it hits the market.

When you live in a house for a long time, you sometimes don’t notice the dirt or grime that jumps right out at someone when they enter your home for the very first time. You might think that you’re giving your home a thorough cleaning, but by someone else’s standards, it could still be filthy.

Here’s a checklist of things that you can do make your house clean as a whistle and ready for sale:

  • Wash the windows inside and out. Dirty windows stand out like a sore thumb, especially late in the day when the sun is low.
  • Clean up spider webs around the interior and exterior of your home. A lot of people hate spiders.
  • Polish chrome faucets and mirrors.
  • Pressure wash the exterior of the house and sidewalks, deck, and driveway.
  • Dust furniture, shelves and especially ceiling fans which tend to be dust magnets.
  • Bleach mildewed grout around tubs, showers, and sinks.
  • If your carpets haven’t been professionally cleaned in a year, now’s a good time to get it done. Afterwards, vacuum daily.
  • Wax the floors.
  • Clean out the fridge. Believe it or not, it’s one of the first places house hunters look in.

If your house is dirty, prospective buyers may get the impression that the rest of the house isn’t well maintained. They may also be put off by the amount of work they will have to do when they move in.

Regency Cleaning  Services in Calgary provides professional move in/move out cleaning. If you’re preparing to sell your home, have them give it a thorough, professional cleaning. Your home might just sell quicker, and for a better price.