Want Certified Green Cleaning? Look for the Green Seal

If you want your home or business to be kept spotlessly clean without the use of harsh chemicals that are dangerous to people and the environment, it’s easier now than ever before to go green. Just look for products and services that are certified with the Green Seal.

Green Seal is a non-profit organization that was established in 1989 to encourage the sale and use of environmentally sustainable products and services. Their mandate was then, as it is now, to make it easier for consumers to find products that are truly green.

The Green Seal organization independently tests products and services and if they meet their standards for sustainability and environmental friendliness, they’re awarded a Green Seal certification. When you use a product that carries the Green Seal, you can be confident that you are using something that is healthier and better for you and for the environment.

When they are considering a product or service for certification, Green Seal looks at its entire lifecycle.  They examine how it’s made, how it’s used or re-used, and how it’s disposed of when they are determining if a product is worthy of a Green Seal certification.

Besides being friendly for the environment, certified products are tested to ensure that they offer the same standards of performance as conventional products or services that aren’t certified as green. Products or services that already carry the Green Seal are monitored regularly to ensure that their standards continue to be maintained.

The Green Seal organization has several different classifications. One of them is for cleaning products and services. If you want your home or business to be professionally cleaned with certified green cleaning products, just look for the Green Seal.

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