When it comes to Winning Repeat Customers, Cleanliness is King!

Studies show that when people are deciding if they’re going to go into a business or if they’ll shop there again, cleanliness is an important consideration.

How important is the external appearance of a business? More than two thirds of consumers say that they will think twice about going into a business if it looks dirty on the outside.

If your business looks dirty on the interior or exterior it makes a big (negative) impression on potential customers. People form an opinion of your business based solely on its physical appearance. You could provide outstanding service and products, but you may not get a chance to prove it if customers pass you by.  How your retail establishment looks says a lot about you and whether you’re trustworthy or reliable. Appearance also has a big impact on repeat business. More than 33% of shoppers say they didn’t go back to a business because it was dirty.

Shoppers are looking for a positive shopping experience and a clean store plays a significant role in creating that experience. 46% of respondents to a US supermarket experience survey said that a clean store was extremely important to them.

Commercial retail cleaning can be extremely challenging. Stores and malls are often open seven days a week, often have extended hours, and high traffic volumes. They are frequented by families with children and there may be a food court and other food service areas resulting in spills and dropped food. Washroom facilities tend to be very heavily used and need frequent cleaning.

Regency Cleaning provides commercial cleaning services that Calgary retailers have come to depend on. Their staff is trained on specialized equipment such as auto scrubbers, scissor lifts, and high volume vacuum systems that make quick work of even the biggest cleaning jobs. Their large pool of staff is poised to keep your business clean 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Don’t lose business because your store looks grungy. Contact Regency Cleaning Services in Calgary today to find out why they are the commercial cleaners of choice for many Calgary retailer