Carpet Cleaning Scams and How to Avoid Them

If you’ve got carpets in your home, you know how quickly they can become dirty, especially if you also have children and pets. It’s recommended that you have your carpets professionally cleaned every year or two to keep them looking their best and to extend their life for as long as possible. Regularly cleaned carpets look good longer, eliminating the need to replace them sooner than necessary. Clean carpets also help to create a healthier environment in your home by removing dust and allergens, and cleaning up dropped food that can lead to insect infestations.

When you decide to have your carpets cleaned you need to be a bit cautious when you select a carpet cleaning company. Scammers have discovered that carpet cleaning is an ideal service for relieving people of their hard earned money once they have their foot in your door.

The most common carpet cleaning scam is the “incredibly low price” or “bait and switch.” You either get a coupon in the mail or a salesperson comes to your door offering an incredibly low price such as $4.95 per room. If it sounds too good to be true, it usually is. A carpet cleaning company simply cannot make a profit by charging $4.95 to clean a room so they have to tack on extra charges.

You make an appointment, the salesperson earns their commission, and a few days later a carpet cleaning company arrives on your doorstep. However, once they’re inside, the price starts to skyrocket. The carpet is dirtier than expected and special treatments are needed, the rooms are odd sizes, or the carpet is thicker than expected. The cleaners may get belligerent if you question them about the extra charges they are tacking on to your bill.

The solution? Never buy carpet cleaning services from a door to door salesperson. The best way to avoid being scammed by fly by night carpet cleaners is to do research and contact a company that is well established and reputable.

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