Advantages of Auto-Scrubbers for Retail Floors

Auto-Scrubbers for Retail Floors

Retail locations deal with high traffic, and with that traffic comes a variety of footwear gliding across your business’s floors. Not only does the floor of your business endure the bulk of public interaction, but it also deals with every dropped item, ladder and dolly that impacts its surface. In the face of this, there are just some things the trusty old mop and bucket just can’t fix, which is why having a janitorial team that can provide you with an auto-scrubber service is crucial to ensuring your business stays not only presentable but sanitary. 

From the Ground Up

A retail space’s floors take up the majority of a location’s presentation and are often the first thing a customer notices upon entry. Having that right kind of shine on your retail floors signifies to your clients that they are in a professional and well-kept workspace, one that prides itself on having the smallest details scrubbed to perfection in order to provide a pleasant retail experience. When it comes to the right kind of service for the job, janitorial teams know that there are crucial steps that are required in order to find the right approach. A pre-inspection ensures a business that no appropriate measure will be wasted and that the right tool will be found for the job.

Why an Auto-Scrubber?

Did you know that traditional mopping only gets roughly 35% of grime and dirt off of the surface of your business’s floors? Floors accumulate all sorts of dirt and grime over time, and the gentle glide of a mophead just doesn’t cut it when it comes to ensuring the cleanliness of your business. Presentation aside, auto-scrubbers guarantee a polished look with the promise of a sanitized surface, as they provide a 95% rate of dirt and grime elimination

Worker and Customer Safety

There is always a window of left-over moisture after you use a mop, and despite the best intentions of a ‘wet floor’ sign, occasionally both customers and employees alike don’t take immediate notice. Auto-scrubbers don’t leave behind excess moisture. This means that the risks of any slips or falls are greatly reduced and your business can continue to function knowing that your floors are not only clean but that your staff and clients are also safe. 


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