Spring is Here, Time to Clean Your Windows!

Spring Clean Your Windows

A lot of things can fall to the wayside over the winter, as those long, cold and dark months can take their toll on anybody’s day-to-day — but fear not, Spring is here!

With the thaw that accompanies this rejuvenating season also comes new attitudes and even some new revelations that emerge from the melting snow. Primarily, the evidence of winter’s impact on your business. That is why you should leave it to our expert cleaning service to accurately remove the fingerprints that old man winter has left behind on your enterprise, as one of the best ways to get your business in tip-top shape for the warm months is to clean your windows in the Spring.

Let Them Shine!

Dirty windows stand out, especially once the sun starts to shine, so don’t let one of the major signifiers of your business’s presentation get ignored. Trust our expert team to apply the best kind of tact when it comes to cleaning your location’s windows. By utilizing the latest in green cleaning supplies we ensure that every corner of every window gets cleaned to immaculate perfection. 

Not only is keeping your windows clean crucial for the presentation of your building but also, for the health of your business. The grime and dust of winter tend to not go away easily, so you need a service that excels in dealing with stubborn messes.

We Work for Your Windows

Letting your windows go unchecked can cause severe damage to your building’s impression on the public and your clients, not only that, but dirty windows can also impact your staff’s morale. 

Let us satisfy your business’s needs by ensuring your windows get the treatment they deserve. Our expert team will make sure not a single smudge leftover from winter’s grime will remain — letting you usher your business into a bright and prosperous summer season. 


Windows show off your business, and regardless of what kind of enterprise you run, you need your windows to shine. Allow our experts to shine for you, contact Regency Cleaning at 403-520-7788 to see what our team of professionals can do for you!