Calm the Retail Chaos

One of the most challenging facilities to clean with an in-house team is a commercial retail facility. Days are long in order to optimise selling hours, and employees are often too busy doing other work to prioritise cleaning. Sound familiar? Then you need to read on about what we can do for your space and how we’ll do it on a clock that works for you.

Food and Drink Consumption

In a retail space, food and drinks are the bane of every retail worker’s existence. People will leave a half-empty frappuccino cup next merchandise on a shelf. Before you know it that frappuccino is on the carpet, upholstery, or, worst of all, on your products. Luckily we have wet and dry vacuums for revitalising a carpet to look like new, and 30 years of experience with all types of upholstery.

Fall Hazards/Quality Control

With 30 years in the industry, our management and employees have seen it all. That, unfortunately, includes seeing some business be affected by a customer or employee hurting themselves at a retail or office space, and the management held responsible. Our staff are not only great on-the-floor employees for tidying up spaces occupied by customers (like food courts or department stores), they also have the eye necessary for spotting tripping or slipping hazards which could be bad news for your business if left alone.


We understand that because of the long hours retail spaces have to remain open, you may not ever really have the ability to hire cleaners in normal working hours. Good thing our large pool of cleaning staff is available for flexible working hours, including late nights and early mornings. That way your employees can operate as normal but arrive to a nice clean workspace in the morning.

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