Get Your Products Springing Off the Shelves

January and February are tough months for retail. Lots of returns and not a lot of footfall as everyone returns back to work and pays off their credit card from the holidays. Keep your shop looking fresh as spring flowers to help boost those sales—here’s how to do it!


They say that the eyes are the windows to the soul. Well, shop windows are the eyes of your store, so people will assume the most about your store before they even walk in. That’s why it’s important to keep your windows smudge and dust-free, regardless of whether or not you have a window display. A cloudy window can create the impression that you aren’t open for business. Keep it clean!

Dust and Grime

Especially if your shop is near to a main road, dust and grime from vehicles seem to appear out of nowhere onto shop shelves and can be a nightmare to get rid of. If your retail space has a dust problem, the first place to check is ducts and vents, which will recirculate dust around. If you’ve done what you can with ventilation, you’ll greatly reduce the amount of dust that appears on products and shelves.

Look Up, Look Down

For any type of flooring, Regency Cleaning has the right equipment to make a floor look spick and span. Not only that, but we are committed to using products that are accredited with Green Certification by various organisations. That way you can keep things looking fresh without the harsh chemical residue or odours that normal cleaners have.

We have specialized equipment because we know windows can be difficult to clean without professional help. When times are busy in your store we have staff ready to work flexible hours to keep your space clean. Furthermore, with 30 years of industry experience, we’re confident we can keep any type of floor clean. So what are you waiting for? Call us to obtain a quote for an office, hospitality, or retail cleaning service in Calgary: 403-520-7788.