Spring Cleaning to Bite the Dust

To really get a clean workspace this year – one that not only looks good, but has improved air quality – follow these steps. It’s time to clean out all the dust in one go. This can feel like a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be. A bit of organising and a visit from Regency Cleaning will make it easy.

Dust Is Tricky

Dust travels. Even when you’ve removed it off of one surface, it can resettle on another quickly, so it’s best to work from the top down. In addition to clearing out dust that’s settled in cabinets amongst old records or bits of paper, you should also clear your ducts. This requires the help of a professional cleaning company (hello, here we are!) to ensure that ducts get properly cleaned. This will improve the air that affects your entire workspace. Don’t settle for dust resettle!


The reason to get a proper upholstery cleaning from Regency Cleaning is because dust does the same for furniture. Does can resettle in between fibres of a couch or armchair, and be released back into the air when sat upon or moved. Regency Cleaning has 30 years experience with dealing with EVERY type of furniture fibre, so you can be sure that whatever furniture you give us will be properly cleaned – from an office chair to your favourite chaise lounge.


Finally, when your ducts and furniture have been cleaned, it’s time for the carpet. When dust settles into carpet, it can be kicked up again just by walking on it. What’s great about our service is that we use high energy efficiency vacuums and green cleaning products so the utmost care is paid to the lasting hygiene of your space. It doesn’t just matter on cleaning day, because we recognise that the type of chemicals other cleaning companies leave behind can sometimes have adverse effects on your health for a few days after.

Hire a cleaning service that cares about your wellbeing just as much as it cares about getting your space clean. Call us today for a quote on any one or combination of our cleaning services at 403-520-7788.