Spring Weather and Windows

Those winter months are behind us, so your mornings have a little more sunlight. Sunlight is very important for a workspace. Vitamin D is an essential vitamin, and us as Canadians, with a reduced amount of sunlight exposure, could really lighten up!


If you haven’t cleaned your windows on the inside or outside since winter, you may have a film of dirt that’s stuck from the snow and rain hitting your window. If you work in the same space every day, it’s hard to notice when your windows have become covered. This is your wake-up call: get them clean!


It can be a big job, and sometimes involves safety hazards. You’ll need professional help when your window cleaning entails scaling the sides of buildings. You can trust Regency Cleaning with virtually any specialist cleaning task, as we have over 30 years in the industry and we’ve dealt with many different tricky cleaning scenarios. We value the safety and well-being of our employees just as much as we value your own work environment.


Are you worried about disturbing the workflow of your employees by having cleaners around? Not to worry. For those hard-to-reach places it’s often easier for employees to be gone from the office. Our staff are familiar with working in spaces outside of normal office hours. Get your space cleaned on an evening, weekend, or early morning so there is less disruption.

Maximise the amount of light that’s photosynthesising your growing business. Get in touch with us today to ask for a quote on this or a combination of cleaning services. We hope to hear from you soon at 403-520-7788!