Carpet Cleaning From Regency

To keep a room smelling fresh and an area looking nice and polished, you should schedule routine carpet or floor cleanings. We’ll show you how to achieve both of these and more in our article about the services Regency Cleaning offers.

Dirt Spreads: Carpets can hold onto odours or messes from people’s footwear, which then stay retained like a sponge for a long time, letting bacteria grow. Especially during wet weather, it’s important to not let stains set into a carpet. It’s certainly nice not have to think about scheduling cleanings when it’s inconvenient to! Save the hassle before the problem of neglected mess arises.

Time: Because you want to fix these problems, you want to make time on a schedule for routine maintenance of your carpet. The problem is, you don’t want to waste your work hours on carpet cleaning, or wait for the time it takes for a thorough clean of a carpet to dry before it’s walked on. Worse, you don’t want to bump into workers while you’re trying to work. Luckily, Regency Cleaning workers can come in during flexible work hours, so it’s no longer your responsibility to think about a carpet having time to dry fully.

Like With All of Our Services, we only use green cleaning products. Regency Cleaning offers all green products so that your employees can stay safe from harsh chemicals (like Dettol or bleach) often used by other cleaning companies. Because of this, you can also add us to your corporate social responsibility as a facilitator of green practices. We believe that our company reflects on your company, so this is important to us.

With 30 years of experience in the industry, Regency Cleaning can give you expert advice and service on any type of flooring. This includes long carpets, area rugs, or various types of flooring: marble, hardwood, tile or vinyl. Why not call Regency Cleaning this week to get a quote on your office clean? Call us at 403-520-7788.