Cleaning Up After Renovations

When you’re dealing with a post-construction mess, choose Regency Cleaning.

Post-Reno: Regency Cleaning can be your trusted go-to when you’ve just had a renovation or construction project at your office or retail space. When you’ve had a renovation, contractors will often leave a mess behind. Sometimes it’s as easy of a clean up as filling up a few black bags. More often, it requires a dump truck or waste removal service to take out wood, old appliances, or furniture. We are experienced in bulk waste removal to assist you with speeding up the process of reopening your office or shop.

Don’t Waste Your Time on cleaning up. A work turnaround after a renovation can take longer than you initially anticipate. You can waste selling hours by not letting people into a messy shop while you get waste removed. Additionally, after waste is removed, there can be a lot of debris (that contractors don’t notice) that will need vacuuming or mopping to clean up.

When You Choose Regency Cleaning, you choose a green cleaning company. All of our dry cloths are reusable, we use high-efficiency vacuums, we do not use harsh chemicals like Dettol or bleach to clean flooring, and we can back all of these claims up with our green accreditation from various environmental bodies.

With 30 years in the industry, we know what clean looks like. Don’t trust anyone else after the chaos of post-construction. Call us today for a quote on a post-construction service. We can be reached at 403-520-7788.