Long Live the Lounge! Furniture Cleaning from Regency

Help your upholstery live a long and happy life with routine professional cleaning from Regency Cleaning.

Erase – Don’t Replace!

Buying new office furniture can rack up quite the cost. Imagine that you are spending money on re-furnishing your living room. A similar cost may just cover your reception area, then there’s chairs in every office, plus any extra sofas that may be reserved for clients or rolling chairs in a meeting room. Wow! You can rock up quite the bill quite quickly, and you better not miss anyone out lest people think you’re picking office favourites! Your best option to save you from this money clinching situation in the future is to create the best and longest life possible for your office furniture.

Set a Schedule

With our staff’s flexible availability, you’ll never have the chair pulled from underneath you. Many cleaning services are only available on a normal 8:00-6:00 schedule, which isn’t very useful if that’s the key time you and your employees will be working. Regency Cleaning staff are used to coming in during “social hours” like evenings and weekends. When you set a routine schedule for upholstery cleaning amongst other services, you won’t face a time when your furniture is beyond repair. We’ll send you a reminder at your requested intervals and come in at a time that suits you. While we’re at it, why not hire us for a carpet or window cleaning too?

Trusted Even with the Most Antiquated

We’ve been working for Calgary businesses for over 30 years. We’ve worked for hotels, stores, and offices to execute a wide array of tasks with high efficiency and environmentally-friendly equipment on hand. Everyone thinks their company will throw us a curveball, but we’ve been in this business so long we have yet to see it. When it comes to something as delicate and personal as office furniture, you want to hire a company that you can rely on to treat the material properly and do the best job possible. That’s why we get called in.

So if it’s for one service or for many, we hope you choose Regency Cleaning to refresh your space this summer. We can be reached at 403-520-7788 where you can ask us for a quote or arrange a routine service. We can’t wait to hear from you!