Wide Range; Precise Practice

How To Reduce Dust and Stuffiness in The Winter

What do you want most from a cleaning company? From over 30 years in the industry, we think we’ve found the secret to satisfying the businesses we work for so they ask us back again and again. When we boil it down, it’s about two things: a wide variety of services, and performing them in the most efficient and precise way.

What’s a Wide Range?

When we say we provide a wide variety of services, it is due (in part) to the city we call home, Calgary. In particular, Calgary’s weather. Living in Calgary, we all know we have to be ready for delightfully hot (but desert dry) summers AND cold winters which drain car batteries and leave you frozen at the bus stop. Because we call Calgary home, we don’t just specialise in indoor services. We offer outdoor services as well, including window cleaning, snow removal, eavestrough clearing, and power washing.

Precise = Efficient

When you are a cleaning service, you have the propensity to create a lot of waste. Besides what we clean up from others, we are creating waste with the water we use, fibers (cloth or paper) for dusting, and the energy our vacuums consume. In an effort to cut down on the waste we contributed, we discovered that environmentally wise choices in our practice benefits everyone involved. When we use safer, non-corrosive chemicals, we improve the air quality of employees in the days following a cleaning. When we use high-efficiency vacuums, it doesn’t take us as long to clean a floor. In our effort to do something better for the environment, we found that our practice became more quick and efficient, benefiting everyone.

Flexible to Do Both

To top it all off, we are available at the times that best suit you. You’d be amazed with the speed and grace that our teams clean up, but it’s a shame you’ll never see it, because we work when you don’t! We are accustomed to working social hours, so you will never feel obliged to leave the office on our account. Simply breathe in the chemical-free air and enjoy a tidy space Monday morning. Our pride comes from the success of our company and quality of service. We aim to work just as hard as you, so you can focus on what’s important.

So what are you waiting for? Arrange your first visit from Regency Cleaning or simply enquire about a quote by calling us at 403-520-7788. We hope to hear from you soon!