What Does Green Cleaning Mean to Us?

This Calgary company holds our “green” standards in high regard, and here’s why we think you should as well:

We follow green cleaning standards for many reasons. Firstly, they’re better for the employees who have to clean with them and use the work environment after a cleaning. Aromatic chemicals like bleach or dettol can leave a nasty ammonia smell in an enclosed space – giving your (and our) employees fume headaches through poor air conditions. Secondly, they are better for our community’s water supply as they don’t put a strain on Calgary’s water filtration system. Finally, if they work just as well as any other chemical cleaner, then why not use a product with these benefits?

But green cleaning isn’t just about chemicals. We also use green products and tools. Our high-efficiency vacuums use less electricity by operating at a better standard. We also use shammy cloths that we can wash and reuse to cut down on our waste from paper towels. Whenever we can, we use washable rather than disposable materials.

When we, inevitably, create waste, we ensure that we dispose of it in such a way that assists landfill decomposition. When recyclable material is disposed of in a landfill, it not only wastes material like paper, plastic or metal that could be reused in another product, it also prohibits materials, that have no other place but a landfill to decompose, from decomposing effectively. A good example of this is with food waste in a plastic bag. Food waste is great for soil and promotes decomposition, but when it’s trapped in a plastic bag, its gasses are unable to escape into the outside environment, and the garbage can actually have adverse effects on the environment by creating even more CO2.

When we take small steps to help our environment, we learn it actually has ways to benefit our workplace and our community. That’s why at Regency Cleaning our “green” label is so important to us: not only does it benefit our clients, but it does good for our Calgary community.